Archive | September, 2010

Ridgewood High School Pursues Motion-sensored Lights!

25 Sep

The Turn Off the Lights initiative has come a long way.  Finally, the Students for Environmental Action club at Ridgewood High School is getting what we wanted– motion-sensored lights!    The final date is unknown, but we can be sure that the school administration has established this installation as a project for the school year.  Now our goals are to constantly reinforce this project and continue to pressure the administration to carry through with the project.  We must make sure it goes to completion!

We’re Off to a Great Start!

4 Sep

This summer, the Students Saving Energy initiative has been launched and is now undergoing promising development.  We’re trying to reach out to as many schools as we can to help them become more energy sustainable.  Some schools have already shown interest and commitment in joining this new network of environmentally-conscious students.  Make your school the next one!