Archive | November, 2010

ACE Visits Ridgewood High School!

18 Nov

The Students for Environmental Action club has taken another major step toward educating our school about sustainability!

Today, the SEA club at Ridgewood High School hosted Elana Santana, a speaker from the Alliance for Climate Education, to speak with the student body about issues relating to climate change.  The assemblies were spread out into three sessions throughout the day.  Every time, the theater was packed!  Many of the students who attended expressed great interest in the environmental issues.  What really garnered the positive feedback was the way the information was presented.  Not only were the presentations creative and inspirational, but they really encouraged the students to think more about the individual impacts they make today.

Many thanks to Elana for coming to our school.  Great job!

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SEA Speaks to Elementary School Students!

10 Nov

As part of SEA’s efforts to educate its community, a group of SEA members visited Willard Elementary School to give a presentation about our changing world and the importance of sustainability.  It was Willard’s Early Earth Day, and all of the students were extremely hyped up.  Everyone was decked out in green to celebrate this day of staying eco-friendly!  The SEA students made a presentation to the third graders that related their ideas of sustainability to energy conservation.  To further educate and provide an interactive component, we conducted an experiment with light bulbs to demonstrate the heat change in a light bulb and the amount of energy lost when the light is on. This provided a nice transition into speaking to them about the Turn Off The Lights project at RHS. At the end of the presentation we gave the teachers a worksheet that allowed the students to create labels to remind people to turn off the lights when leaving the room.  The labels can be placed above light switches at home or in school. Right now we’re waiting to receive them back so we can choose the most creative ones to display in our school!  Not only did the project educate the students at Willard Elementary, but it also gave us the opportunity to learn how to teach our community how to save energy!

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