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Submit a Sustainability Pledge!

15 Jan

Click on the “Get Started” tab to submit a pledge!

One year ago, our school, Ridgewood High School, started the Turn Off the Lights project.  Now, we’re planning for the installation of a motion-sensored lighting system, as well as other projects to reduce our school’s energy consumption and educate others.  Our vision is to make our school more sustainable—and that means enforcing such practices to protect our resources for the future.

Now, imagine if schools across the nation started implementing similar processes.  Imagine the amount of money we would save, the awareness we would raise in our communities, if we all worked together to make our schools more sustainable.  Join the Students Saving Energy network today, and become part of the growing student-led movement to take energy-saving initiatives in our own schools!

We are looking for ways to establish connections with other students in the nation and around the world.  Our goal is to collect Sustainability Pledges from every school that joins.

A Sustainability Pledge is an action a school is taking or a goal it wants to take to reduce its energy consumption, whether it is through turning off the lights every week, installing motion sensored lights, doing an energy audit, or getting solar panels.

To join this student-led sustainability movement, click on the “Get Started!” tab and fill out the Sustainability Pledge form.  We will contact you right away to provide you with the necessary resources to start an energy project.  Through these pledges, we can compile a massive collection of pledges that will be used to demonstrate the growing voice of students in this vast youth energy movement.   Check out the list of schools as well– your school can one be the next one!   In the future, we hope to see all schools in the nation work together to achieve sustainability.