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You’re Invited!

8 May

Ridgewood is a beautiful, clean and environmentally savvy town. This year’s Earth Day Fair on May 14th is all about learning how our town is actively participating in making Ridgewood a cleaner more sustainable place! In an effort to increase awareness and education the Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) has teamed with the Ridgewood High School Students for Environmental Action club to create a memorable 2011 Earth Day.

The event will take place in the Memorial Park at Van Neste Square from 10 to 2pm. This year, a special DOT theme has been developed to showcase the community’s considerable effort in keeping the town green.DOT stands for Do One Thing. The Earth Day will not only be demonstrating how various ecological groups employ ecofriendly practices, but will also display the average person’s knowledge on  respecting the ecosystem and promoting sustainability. Your knowledge matters. The DOT project, first developed in Ridgewood high School was initially created to display the average student’s knowledge on environmental sustainability. However, DOT has expanded to present Ridgewood with the unique opportunity to learn and show how you also actively participate!

The Earth Day Fair promises to be a fun educational event. Numerous local environmental, governmental and civic groups will be present. Entertainment, food and music will only enhance the fun Earth Day vibe! The Ridgewood Earth Day Fair is an excellent opportunity to teach people of all ages what it means to be Ridgewood clean!