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Get pumped!

28 Jun

It’s summertime and school’s out!  It’s time to get out there and enjoy the sun!

In the meantime, we’re putting together a list of students interested in joining the SSE network this fall.  When school comes around, we will be contacting everyone to officially start building up a new generation of energy activist leaders.  We’re currently forming some pretty awesome plans and events (just wait and see!).  We want to help YOU get started on the right foot, with new project ideas and resources for the start of the school year.  If you’re interested, send us an email at

Whether you’re soaking up the rays at a beach or chilling at beach, don’t forget to stay eco-conscious!  Ask yourself, is it necessary to crank up the AC in your car all the way up?  Roll down the windows and feel the summer breeze instead!  Even better– use your bike!

Happy summer!  See you in the fall!