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SSE Experiences Cultural Diffusion!

7 Aug

A few days ago, I had the chance to represent Youth Now and share SSE with students from around the world at the International Youth Council’s Campaign Night at the United Nations.  Youth delegates had the chance to listen to speakers from a few non-profit organizations, including the WE Campaign, Roots and Shoots and many others.  The Campaign Night was part of the larger annual IYC Youth Assembly, which brings together international students to focus on global sustainable development.  It was awesome! Students from multiple countries–from Nigeria, to Taiwan, to Canada–all showed great interest in this network.  I believe that the goals of IYC, which is to “inspire the youth of the world to act and give them the tools to make a difference,” perfectly embodies our SSE vision.  Energy consumption is a universal problem, so let’s work together with those from all over the globe!

Learn more about the Annual Youth Assembly here.

“The Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations focuses on young people championing humanitarian causes around the world and how to become involved, taking action for what you believe in.  The youth assembly is an annual project of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF).  TheInternational Youth Council is the official network of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations.”