Lights Out Success!

8 Apr

Thanks to everyone who participated in National School Lights Out Day and made it a HUGE success!  From the west coast, to the midwest, to the east coast, schools across the nation left their lights OFF, showing the world our united efforts to conserve energy and work together for sustainability.  It wasn’t just high schools…elementary schools, middle schools, day camps and even community centers got involved as well! It was truly a momentous event, and hopefully one that more and more schools will participate in for years to come.  Here are some words of feedback from your fellow SSE members:

Frank: “My principal was great, he supported it all the way.  It was kinda cool to see the school so dark, they even turned off the hall lights and just went with the emergency lights….teenagers should stand up for the environment and not just leave things for the adults to decide.  Their voice must also be heard.”

Nancy: “Thanks for spreading the word about this worthwhile cause.”

Karen: “So many teachers thanked us for doing this!  This event got a lot of publicity in our school and it helped people realize the powerful impact of this simple cause.  Will look forward to doing it again next year!”

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