Where are our Young Activists?

19 Jul

Interesting fact of the day:

“One third of boomers, 25% of Gen Xers and 21 percent of Millennials said it’s important to become ‘personally’ involved in programs to clean up the environment.”

Wait, what.

I thought my generation is supposed to be the most active and involved in environmental issues.  Aren’t we known for our proclivity towards innovation, our desire to transform the world and lead the fight against global climate change?  I would think so, since I have grown up with fellow activists and been exposed to countless sustainability events, rallies, fairs, etc.

Then why does our generation have the smallest percentage of respondents who personally care about cleaning the environment?  Possible reasons: 1) We’re lazy 2) We’ve been overexposed to these issues 3) We have less trust in our government 4) We have less faith in mitigating these issues

Okay, honestly none of these reasons are good enough to explain our generational deficiency.  WE are the future generation, so we should have the most concern!  With every passing day, environmental issues are becoming more and more pertinent…so we should be getting more and more urgent.

Come on, young people!  Stop watching Netflix and DO SOMETHING.  Join an environmental club at your school, volunteer at a local cleanup or even Read my blog and email me at  I’m open to discussion, comments, advice, or just a nice hello :)

P.S. Keep on the lookout for more posts about an idea I have for a personal slice of activism I have in mind…

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