The benefits of External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation, also known as solid wall insulation, is a process of introducing insulation to the external skin of a home then covering it with a reinforcement and a special type of render. There are many benefits to having external wall insulation fitted some of which have been explained below

  • Saving money on energy bills

With a home that is poorly insulated, it is estimated that up to one-third of the heat produced by a central heating system is lost through the walls and the roof. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that heating costs can be reduced by up to 40% by installing EWI to solid walls. As you home is warmed faster by retaining the heat, there is less demand on your heating system which reduces the bills and will also prolong the lifespan of the heating system

  • New look for your home

External wall insulation provides a brand-new exterior to the home with an opportunity to finish the exterior with render, dash or brick effect finish.
Improving the exterior of the home provides a great selling point, improving the look and character of the home. Estimates show that installing external wall insulation can increase the value of your home by 14%. Be the envy of the street and make your home look like new.

  • Reduce heat loss and draughts

Uninsulated solid walls are affected by regular heating/cooling/re-heating cycle, external wall insulation improves the walls thermal loss. Far less heat will be lost through the wall offering a warmer more stable temperature in the home.
The insulation also acts as a barrier to stop draughts that may have been present before, sealing the house and creating a warm and cosy environment.
Your home will also stay warmer for longer and the need to keep turning the heating on will be greatly reduced.

  • Reduces condensation

When a home isn’t insulated warm air produced in the house is attracted to cold walls, causing condensation. Installing external wall insulation creates a warmer wall where the warm air is less attracted to, stopping condensation and the negative health impacts from having condensation in the home.
The external wall insulation will also move the dew point for condensation to the outside of the wall which will remove the chance of interstitial condensation forming inside the existing walls which can be detrimental to the structure of a wall.

  • Protects and improves the wall

External wall insulation acts like a plaster for the external walls of the home, protecting them from the elements, creating a barrier which results in prolonging the life of the walls. With a range of different finishes your house can have a make over whilst benefitting from all the heat and money savings already covered

  • Sound Proofing

As the world increases in population so does the hustle and bustle of every day life. More people, more trains, planes and automobiles! External Wall insulation helps to keep these noises out leaving you with a more peaceful place to live

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