Seven Energy Saving Tips for Students

1. New Energy Efficiency Standards for rented properties

From 1st April 2018, all privately rented houses in the UK, need to reach a minimum Energy Performance Certificate of an E. The legislation states that all new lettings or renewals will now need to achieve the minimum standard with existing tenancies to achieve the standard by 2020. You can check the register at and if the rating is below the minimum E, speak with your landlord to see what energy saving measures they can install at the property.

2. Washing machine

With your washing machine accounting for up to 7% of your energy bill it is worthwhile looking to see what you can do to reduce the energy used. Full loads or half loads – It is always worthwhile making sure that you fill the washing machine with a full load. This will ensure you are making the most of the energy used. Wash at 30 degrees – if your clothes are not that soiled then look to reduce the washing machine temperature down to 30 degrees. Modern washing machines will work just as good at cleaning your clothes as older ones at 60 degrees.

3. Radiator Reflectors

This is an awesome way of keeping the heat in your home. The reflectors get inserted behind your radiators and work by reflecting back the heat that gets transmitted against the outside walls of your home. Easy to install and cheap as well – A must for all student homes!

4. The Kettle

How many times do you fill the kettle to the top when you are home alone and want a cuppa? Boiling the kettle is an expensive way to heat water so to keep boiling the same water over through the day is inefficient. Only fill the kettle for the water you need and cut down on the energy you use through the year.

5. Heating Thermostat

Turning down your room thermostat by just 1 degree could save you as much as £90 a year. Further to this having a modern roomstat and radiator valves could svae you an additional £80 -£165 per year!!! Time to put a jumper on at winter and start saving!

6. It’s like Blackpool Illuminations in here…

Did anyone else’s parent used to quote this on a regular basis with all the lights left on? They were right. Old style incandescent lamp lightbulbs give off about 97% heat and only 3% light. Perhaps some of the most inefficient items we’ve ever put into our homes. It’s time to swap out the inefficient bulbs and install energy efficient LED bulbs which use up to 90% less energy than your traditional ones

7. Time to turn out the lights

Once the light bulbs have been changed, it’s time to think, do I actually need these lights on? Once you leave a room and move to another, lights should be turned out. Money will be saved by the simple principle – if you aren’t using the energy, it’s not costing you money