Our earth is in trouble.  With factories and cars all over the world emitting tons of carbon into the atmosphere, oceans getting polluted, and energy being obtained from nonrenewable sources, the time is now to do what we can for the next generations. The ultimate way to better the fate of the future is to become sustainable.   As the world we live in is slowly being consumed by excessive energy consumption, we must do everything we can to improve our carbon footprint.  We must not be discouraged by the obstacles we face as students: school budgets, strict administration, and the lack of power.  We must make things happen from what we can do, and that is to start small.  Once a base has been laid out, we can expand.

Students Saving Energy is made up of a network of students who work toward helping their schools conserve energy in the most sustainable way.  The SSE emphasizes on a three-step method to achieve its goals.  The first stage, to Reduce, calls for the direct student action to save energy by reducing consumption.  The next stage, to Educate, raises awareness, and when enough support has been gathered the final stage, to Sustain, directs all this effort into sustaining energy efficiency.  Achieving these steps will prove that students CAN make a difference to achieve a greener earth.  The power lies in the numbers.  If all students work together, a lasting impact will be created.

Check out our list of schools!  Our goal is to build a strong base of schools– all with the same goals– that will really show the world what we’re striving for.