How it all began

Ever since I was little, my parents taught me how to be conscious about saving energy.  From handwashing dishes to turning off the lights whenever I leave the room, I grew up becoming very aware of how I used my resources.  While I knew that my personal deeds were small but significant changes, I didn’t want it to be just me doing these things.  So as I grew older, my desire to tell others to save energy expanded.  Now since I’m more mature, I realize my ability to actually DO something about it.  That’s why I started the Turn Off the Lights project at my high school.  While I know that every single energy-saving act counts, the greatest impact comes when everybody works together.

Now, after a few successful years of Students Saving Energy (even when I’m now in college!), I’m back on track to expanding this initiative.    I love the fact that my peers are constantly willing to pitch in to help the school save energy.  But only a small group of us is involved.  What about the rest of the school?  What about the future, when we graduate?  There is still much to be accomplished, like educating the whole school and ultimately, creating change that can remain sustainable even after we graduate.

Oh yeah, and I’m not just stopping there.  I plan to expand even more, and by that, I mean to other schools as well.  I want to help those schools become more energy-efficient too by connecting with my school, and joining us on the same path toward that goal.  So with the creation of Students Saving Energy, we can do just that.  If you want to make a difference in your school, join us, and we’ll help guide you toward helping your community become more sustainable.

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