It’s all in the numbers


These percentages represent the average energy consumers in school buildings.  The biggest source of energy is the lighting, which accounts for about 30% of total energy use.  They are considered the easiest to combat in energy efficiency plans because improvements are usually easy to implement and are school budget-friendly.  If you start turning off those lights and eventually installing sustainable changes, imagine the impact you’ll make on the school’s overall use of energy!

But where does our energy come from?

My town’s electricity provider is PSE G – Public Service Electric Gas Co.  It’s part of a larger interconnected electric grid operated by PJM Interconnection.

                48 Plants directly connected to mountain removal on our grid (purchase coal directly from mountaintop removal strip mines in Appalachia)

                36 Plants indirectly connected to mountain removal on our grid (do not use mountaintop removal coal directly, but purchase coal from companies that operate mountaintop removal mines in Central Appalachia).

What does this mean?

This means that my school’s source of energy is nonrenewable.  When it’s nonrenewable, it’s unsustainable.  Because it’s our school, we must do something.  The power lies in our hands to make our school more energy-efficient.

You can do the same too!

To find out where your school/town’s source of energy comes from, visit and enter your zipcode.  You can use this information to present to the administration to gain support for your project!


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