Stage 2: Educate

Once Turn Off the Lights has become a continuous event at your school, it is time to start adding more tactics in your quest for sustainable change. TOTL is definitely a good first step in introducing the issue of energy consumption to your school, but further education is needed to really bring the problem into the spotlight.

Here are some ways to educate the student body: 

  • Petitions
  • Posters
  • Create an info packet on costs/technology/climate change
  • Fill out and submit a Smart PowerEd Preliminary Energy Survey
  • Create a website
  • Teach-in energy panel
  • Host an ACE assembly
  • Powerpoint presentations to school/different classes

The amount of tactics you use completely depends on you. If you feel that one powerful school wide assembly is enough to gain momentum, move directly into the final stage. But if posters don’t seem to be getting much attention, try another option. The more education choices you try, the more conscious people will be of this issue!

Do you have more ideas?  Email us, and we’ll put them up!

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