How to Arrange a School Presentation

This is probably one of the most FUN ways to educate your community.  Not only do you get to be around kids, but you get to be teacher for a day!  It’s interactive, engaging and  educational for everyone (even the teachers)!  Give it a try:


1. First off, get permission from the principal! Explain to him/her about the educational aspects of it and the impact it will make on other students.
2. Contact the school you want to present to.
3. Dialogue with a teacher or the head of the school (deciding on date, classroom, time, subject of presentation)
4. Form a group of dedicated members who are willing to take time out of their school day
5. Put together the presentation!
6. Practice, practice, practice…
7. Complete school procedures (excused absence, permission slips, etc…)
8. Arrange transportation to and from school
9. Prepare an interactive component (experiment, game, etc…)
10. Have fun teaching kids about the environment!

Once you have completed all those steps, email us at to get recognized for your achievements!

Check out SEA’s presentation for Willard Elementary School!

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