Here are the schools/communities part of Students Saving Energy, united on the goals of becoming more energy efficient and sustainable.  If you would like your school/community to be a part of this network, click on the “Get Started” tab to submit a Sustainability Pledge today.  In order to really influence our communities, we need your participation!  We envision the creation of a massive network, one that will catch the public’s attention and make a statement.  Remember, the more names, the more publicity, the more momentum…the more IMPACT!

Amelia High School

Batavia, OH

Jeff Casavant

American University

Washington D.C.

Student Leader: Lisa Snider

Becton Regional High School

East Rutherford, NJ

Student Leader: Ivanka Magne


Bergen County Academies

Hackensack, NJ

Student Leader: JiYoon Lee


Chatham High School

Chatham, NJ

Student Leader: Sophie Kapica


Clayton High School

Clayton, NJ

Student Leader: Phaedra Joyce


Fair Lawn High School

Fair Lawn, NJ

Melina Puzino, Yasmine Pessar


Far Brook School

Short Hills, NJ

Student Leader: Ming Goetz

Geekay Edify World School

Thiruvalam, India

Student Leader: G. Meenaloshini

Gillette Road Middle School

Cicero, NY

Student Leader: Kathy Conese


Hanover Park High School

East Hanover, NJ

Student Leader: Collin Reilly, Christie Jacob

Irvington High School

Fremont, CA

Student Leader: Pallavi Sherikar


James Madison High School

Vienna, VA

Student Leader: Kira Osborn


Leonia High School

Leonia, NJ

Justin Ziegler

Millburn Middle School

Millburn, NJ

Steve Chernoski


North Bergen High School

North Bergen, NJ

Student Leader: Zeel Parekh


Northern Highlands Regional High School

Allendale, NJ

Student Leader: Jake Schwartz


Northern Valley Regional High School

Old Tappan, NJ

Student Leader: Kenny Mok

Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Student Leader: Andrea Trainor


Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Pomona, NJ

Student Leader: Jess Bovenca


Ridge High School

Basking Ridge, NJ

Student Leader: Joey Walter


Ridgewood High School

Ridgewood, NJ

Student Leader: Victoria Pan


Rutherford High School

Rutherford, NJ

Student Leader: Shannon McNeil


Sidwell Friends School

Washington D.C.

Student Leader: Chandra Christmas-Rouse


South Brunswick High School

South Brunswick, NJ

Student Leader: Jonathan Bach


Walter Johnson High School

Bethesda, MD

Student Leader: Elise Rudt


YMCA Camp Seymour

Gig Harbor, WA

Student Leader: Rachael Button



One Response to “Schools”

  1. Ladi Olorunfemi February 22, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

    My school started an Environmental Action Squad that is all about spreading awareness and importance of recycling and saving energy, in order to lessen our environmental net impact.
    I am impressed by what I see in this website. It is sort of similar to what we do in our county.