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From SEA to ECO…tackling sustainability in College!

30 Jan

Hi all,

Yes, I admit, it has been a while since I last posted on this website.  It has been quite a ride transitioning from high school to college (which is ABSOLUTELY amazing).  I wish I could say things are finally settling down, as I am well into the second quarter of the year, but honestly every day is busy and full of action!

As you can probably guess, I have left my high school’s environmental club (SEA) and have joined my college’s environmental club (ECO).  I will continue to be in touch with SEA and plan to keeping updating you about their progress with Turn Off the Lights, the Earth Day fair and many other projects on the way.  In addition, I have so many awesome opportunities and stories to share about my own experiences here at college that I don’t even know where to begin…

ECO, the Environmental Conservation Organization, is a club I am a part of that is committed to on-campus sustainability projects.  In the fall, we implemented multiple projects– some of which included an Alternative Energy Panel, a double-sided printing workshop and creating large demonstration posters on what to recycle/compost/throw out.  My favorite was the Alternative Energy Panel because we invited a couple of professors, students and advocates to talk about different aspects of alternative energy in a laid back “round-table” discussion format.  I learned a lot about my college’s current progress on the renewable energy front (which I hope to become a large part in changing in the near future!) as well as current local and global issues.

Another project that was a success last term was the double-sided printing workshop.  A few of us stationed ourselves in the library and helped students change their default settings on their laptops to “double-sided” when they print.  Although it sounds like a simple task, you’d be surprised about the number of people who would have never taken the time to change that specific setting.

This term, we have a couple of new projects that we are going to tackle that I will be posting soon.  As always, please leave a comment!  And if you’re a college student, please contact me!  I would love to share ideas with you about your on-campus efforts as well!  Stay tuned…