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Being Sustainable in 2013: How Business is Going Green

27 Jun

As you pack your suitcases and get ready to embark on the plane to [insert paradise name here], keep in mind that no matter where you vacation for the summer, it’s easy to stay green.  Here is an article written by Sam Marquit, an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value. Read on to see what he has to say about environmentally responsible modern day tourism:

“Responsible tourism is important in today’s society and I believe that people and organizations that go the extra mile to provide the services and products that abide by the LEED certification should be recognized more prominently.”

Doing business with clients as a commercial contractor, you begin to notice that while business owners will go through a lot to get LEED certified, they won’t take the extra steps to be a sustainable business or even an eco-friendly business. Many business owners just want to do enough, but they don’t want to change their policies or use materials that are really beneficial for the environment. That’s where these initiatives and programs come in. There are a variety of different organizations around the world just trying to do something different to help save our world.

Green America is changing the way that people think about big business. They want investors, consumers, business owners and the marketplace at large to really take notice of those businesses that engage in corporate irresponsible tactics to cut costs but not make the planet any healthier. They also do a lot of promoting for businesses that are changing and making a difference with green materials, projects, products and processes. Green America also travels around the world to help build sustainable structures for different communities.

In addition to programs like Green America, green facilities are continuing to be built. The ink48 Hotel is a gem in the heart of the Big Apple. With organic food, recyclable materials and much more, the hotel also sponsors a program called “Earthcare” which aims to teach members and bring others together to discuss major topics in green and sustainable energy for the planet. It’s amazing to see a business really trying to change the mindset of its travelers and workers, while also taking part in the community as well.

The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort is a luxurious place to stay in one of the biggest cities of all time. Vegas is known for entertainment, lavish casinos and of course, the quick wedding. However, it’s also one of the places to find eco-friendly hotels like the Palazzo, which recently won an award for being the most eco-friendly hotel in America. The hotel won this award because of its sustainable facilities including solar energy panels, water reuse program and waste recycling.

Commercial contractors work with all kinds of businesses. It’s my pleasure to work with those who really have a heart for the planet and want to do something different for a change. It is important for all of us to continue this trend. It is great to see new green Las Vegas hotels catch on. However, more and more businesses must embrace sustainability if we are going to take this trend to the next level.