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Summer of Opportunities

25 Jun

Summer is a time when you can kick back, rid yourself of anything that might induce brain activity and enjoy the hot and glorious sun.  For me, summer is a time when I can explore my passions to the fullest extent without the hindrances of homework, extracurricular activities and sports practices.  What better way than working at a sustainable business?

This summer, I am interning at a company called Recyclebank.  Based in NYC, it provides incentives for consumers and businesses to recycle and rewards them through a loyalty program.  I’m definitely learning a lot about market incentives, especially in terms of sustainability.  The department I work for, Consumer Insights, is pretty cool because it keeps a pulse on consumer behavior and trends in the marketplace.  Check out their website here: https://www.recyclebank.com 

What are your plans for the summer?  Whether its a job or a project, share them with us!